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Spend your holiday in the Black Perigord ...

The Black Perigord, or Perigord Noir, is an enormously rich region where you can find something for every taste - gastronomy, nature, fishing, relaxation and sports (delta, paragliding, canoeing down the Dordogne, riding), walking on the roads, hiking, visiting the many prehistoric sites (Lascaux, Conquil, La Roque St Christophe, the Rock of Cazelle to name a few). Castles (chateaux) dot the landscape, as do natural sights such as Belcayre Losse and the Proumeyssac chasm. Villages such as La Roque Gageac Domme Sergeac, Tamniès and St. Leon are small stone-and-timber hamlets where time seems to have stood still since the middle ages.

Life is good in the Perigord. In the spring flowers burst with color, the days are already long, the light is special. In summer, everything is done to enjoy the sun in the midst of a holiday atmosphere: swimming pools, outdoor cafes ... In autumn, calm returns to the country. That's when the landscape is most attractive: trees adorned with flamboyant colors and the horizon bathed in a veil of pink light make autumn the most romantic season.


Economic and artistic capital of Black Perigord, this jewel has a medieval urban complex of the thirteenth to sixteenth centuries that is unique in Europe.The City is a major tourist site in an area exceptionally rich in historical and cultural attractions, known as the "Golden Triangle" bounded by the valleys of Vézère and Dordogne rivers.